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Buder HI-TA13 Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Water Generator Product Functions
  • ► Color: Black
  • ► High Purity Portable Hydrogen Water Generator
  • ► Simple Hydrogen mode
  • ► Portable design
  • ► All-in-one No need to install
  • ► Manufacturer Maxell,Ltd.

One property of hydrogen is easy to separate from the water, so it is ideal to drink the hydrogen water as soon as produced.

When all is said to the Hydrogen Water Generator is so Lightweight (440g) and compact.

And it is such an attraction product because of the rechargeable battery powered for you to bring with it everywhere.

Moreover, it can generate up to 800 ppb high concentration of hydrogen water only in 3 minutes.

With the Patented technology, it can produce hydrogen water even using the pure water of distilled water or RO water, which is unable before.

Let’s go out with fresh hydrogen water!

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Water Generator Specifications

Model No. HI-TA13
Output DC 5V
Hydrogen Water Generation time 3 minutes
Weight / Dimensions 440g / 68 (H) x 81.5 (D) x 240 (H) mm
Hydrogen Water Up to 800 ppb
Voltage 100 V ~ 240 V , 50 / 60 Hz
Charging time 4 hours
Usage count after full charged About 20 times

The supermodel Amber Chia highly recommended Buder Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Portable Hydrogen Water Generator product description

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