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How does 1/50 seconds automatic reversed cleaning system protect your water ionizer?

Tap water is full of minerals. Minerals stick or condense together, they form scale. When scale builds up on the electrode plates and electrolytic films, it compromises their ability to produce clean, healthy alkaline water benefits. This situation also means a decrease in pH, ORP, and H2 performance.

All water ionizers have cleaning systems, but all cleaning systems are not created equal. Before you purchase water ionizers, this is one of the most important considerations because it decides how well the water ionizer will perform over the long service.

🎊Japanese Unique Automatic Reversed Cleaning Technology With World Patent.🎊

The 1/50 second reversed cleaning system exchanges the positive and negative electrodes every 1/50 second during the water ionizing process. This prevents the build-up of magnesium and calcium ions on the electrode panels and electrolytic films. After the water ionizing process is completed, the electrode panels will self-clean for 10 seconds again. This technology cleans much better compared to other brands of water ionizers. They start the self-cleaning process only after calcium ions have already built up on the electrode panels, and require manual cleaning every 6 months.

All Buder hydrogen water generators are equipped with 1/50 seconds self-cleaning feature. It protects your valuable investments. So you can get the most efficient water ionization over time and they have the longest lifespan possible!