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How to choose an alkaline water ionizer?
How to choose an alkaline water ionizer?

🎊Taiwan Buder water dispenser manufacturer certified by Taiwan Excellence🎊

Buder has won the Taiwan Excellence Award for 4 years consecutively. The Taiwan Excellence Award is an annual award administered by the Foreign Trade Association for Taiwan's industries. International industry and academia experts are invited to give professional ratings on five major projects: R&D, design, quality, marketing, and manufacturing. Buder’s products stood out from more than 300 participating products and won the Taiwan Excellence Award. In addition to demonstrating extraordinary R&D strength and strict quality control, to be affirmed by the Taiwan Excellence Award for four consecutive years, in order to insist on the spirit of continuous self-challenge R&D and innovation, more importantly, listening to customer needs and creating a win-win situation with customers is the only way to become a sustainable business.
P.O.U. (Point of use) water cooler.

🎊 Taiwan Excellence Award Products🎊

🎊 Year / Product🎊

🎊2021 / BD-3200 Freestanding water dispenser🎊

1. CE certification approval.

2. Effective heat dissipation system.

3. Large capacity water tanks.

More Info: https://buderwater.com/en/portfolio-item/bd-3200-water-dispensers/

🎊2020 / HI-TA13 Hydrogen water bottle🎊

1. Made in Japan.
2. CE certification and TUV-SUD approval.

3. Unique electrodes plates design.

More Info: https://buderwater.com/en/portfolio-item/hi-ta13-hydrogen-water-generator/

🎊2019 / BD-3004 Under sink 100°C hot water dispenser🎊

1. High temperature 100 degrees..

2. CE certification approval..

3. 4 liters hot water tank..

More Info: https://buderwater.com/en/portfolio-item/bd-3004-best-hot-water-dispenser/.

🎊2018 / BD-3219 Counter top electronic touch type water dispenser🎊

1. Electronic touch type..

2. Hot/Cold/Room temperatures..

3. Voice function & safety lock..

More Info: https://buderwater.com/en/portfolio-item/bd-3219-touch-panel-water-dispenser/.

How to choose an alkaline water ionizer?

Technical Advantages of Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer Series

We drink alkaline water for health purposes. The electrode plates within the water cell of a water ionizer create the electrolysis which transports those benefits. BUDER Water Ionizer Series treats water using a new platinum plate technology namely “Perfect Platinum PFC Electrodes technology” for electrodes surface treatment.

What is PFC technology?

The platinum electrodes plates are treated by very fine electroplating one time and then second time treated by Sintering.

Sintering is an effective process to reduce the porosity and enhances properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, translucency, and thermal conductivity.

The platinum coated titanium electrodes after two times surface treatment, the form of electrodes thickness are thicker than other manufacturers. It brings the best performance and effective power distribution.

The electrode plate of alkaline water ionizer is the most important.

Maxell PFC Technology Features:

  1. This technology produces a greater surface area for better electrolysis, which improves ORP and antioxidants.
  2. High electrolysis efficiency.
  3. Extends the lifespan of water ionizer.
  4. High anti-corrosion property.


How to choose an alkaline water ionizer?

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