2018 Best Hydrogen Water Machine-Super Anti-oxidant Water | 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、濾水器、水素水、淨水器推薦
| 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、濾水器、水素水、淨水器推薦
2016 Best Quality Freestanding & Counter Water Dispenser
| 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、濾水器、水素水、淨水器推薦
Taiwan Buder-2018 Taiwan Excellence in Thailand with our guest Mario Maurer ˙Sunny Suwanmethanont.

2018 Best Hydrogen Water Machine-Super Anti-oxidant Water

Dear Customer :

How are you doing?
It’s our pleasure to introduce our Buder Deluxe Hydrogen Water Machine to you.

Key Features

1. All our Hydrogen Water Machine are made in Japan by ” Maxell.Ltd.”.
2. Advanced technology of automatic reversed cleaning during Electrolyzing by 1/50 second. Maxell Unique Patent!
3. The only one in the market to be certified with ISO 13485- the global standard for medical device manufactures.
4. Certified by CE

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