2016 Best Quality Freestanding & Counter Water Dispenser | 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、濾水器、水素水、淨水器推薦
2018 Best Hydrogen Water Machine-Super Anti-oxidant Water

2016 Best Quality Freestanding & Counter Water Dispenser

Dear Customer,
Good day.

We are introducing our latest released product with great pride and pleasure ‘Buder Freestanding & Counter Top push type model’ to you.
The new model BD-2035 & 3019 is one of the best and most efficient 3 temp. water system in the overseas markets.


1. Super high temperature with pressure design.
2. Fully boiled water, drink securely.
3. Hot water safety lock design.
4. Water leaking circuit breaker, cutting off water automatically to avoid disasters.
5. Medical level #316 stainless steel heating tank.Stainless steel heating tube,safer drinking.
6. Quick changing design filter, make changing easier.

We humbly request you to try this item in your centers and we assure that you would be greatly satisfied with the results. Our senior sales men would be ready to keep in touch with you to discuss more about our product details to you.

Thank You. Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Buder Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.