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| 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、濾水器、水素水、淨水器推薦
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| 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、濾水器、水素水、淨水器推薦
Taiwan Buder was invited to the unveiling event of e-commerce by New Taipei City Government, Economic Development Department.
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Unboxing, review, recommendation and evaluation of SHUI-SU Water Cup for Hydrogen-rich Water. Reviewing the cooperation between Buder and Maxwell. Japanese hydrogen-rich water generator. World-class patent. Portable charging. Portable high-concentration hydrogen-rich water can be generated in 3 minutes. Drink immediately. (Hydrogen-rich water, SHUI-SU water, SHUI-SU water machine, functions of SHUI-SU water, SHUI-SU water generator, portable SHUI-SU water bottle, hydrogen-oxygen-separated SHUI-SU water) “Genuineness. Unboxing”


    SHUI-SU Water is a popular topic way from Japan, Taiwan to China. The reason why it's popular is because many Japanese icons highly recommend this drinking water, which indirectly aroused the attention of the general public. SHUI-SU is derived from Japanese language, meaning hydrogen, and SHUI-SU water is water rich in hydrogen, also be called hydrogen-rich water. I won’t introduce the advantages of it because there is a lot of information on the Internet already.


However, the safety that the people care the most about is reassuring. Currently, we still can't find any description in Taiwan FDA; however, you can make reference to the food additives list of edition 2014 for Food Chemical Information of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan (click here). In the list, article no. 168 has determined that SHUI-SU is a legal additive. Coincidentally, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also published the GRN document no. 520 (click here) in 2014, announcing that hydrogen is a raw material for legal beverage water or drinking water. Simply put, hydrogen can be legally added in Japan and the United States, and can be safely consumed as well



The item that we are going to unbox this time is HI-TA13 Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle, also known as the portable hydrogen-rich water generator, developed by Buder and a huge Japanese manufacturer.


For the convenience of your reading, the article will be divided into 6 small parts:


Part 1 - Packaging and Accessories
Part 2 - Function and Detail Design
Part 3 –Cleaning Program of First Use
Part 4 – Way of Charging
Generating the SHUI-SU Water (Hydrogen-rich water) 
Part 6 – Reviews after Experience



Part 1 - Packaging and Accessories


All-in black, mysterious-style and Japanese-boutique-texture packaging is used.




The model is HI-TA13, and this product is the joint development product between Buder and Maxwell, made in Japan。


Maxell is a well-known Japanese manufacturer founded in 1961. It originally specialized in batteries or recording media, such as tapes and compact discs. It has now expanded into other business areas.




It’s time to UNBOX!!


Using recyclable cardboard as the buffer packaging material.




Package photo. The bottle in the middle that looks like water bottle is the SHUI-SU water generator. The left one is the carrying bag. The items on the right side are instructions, charger and Micro-USB charging cable.




16 pages of detailed instructions in English





Part 2 - Function and Detail Design


The round switch near the front-bottom of the bottle is used for activating the Internal circuit.


On the top of this switch, there is an indicator light of the cartridge filter. In normal condition, it would be constant green. When the green light starts to flicker, it means the filter needs to be changed. If the light turns into red, the filter should be replaced immediately; otherwise the machine will stop generating the hydrogen-rich water.




This is a new listed product in 2018. Made in Japan. Maxell (マクセル) production and input is 5V/0.5A。




There is a power input near the bottom of the bottle. Normally, it is covered with a robber cap.




Under this rubber cap, there is a Micro-USB socket. 




The silver item in the photo is the release button of the bottle protection cover (bottle cover). It is now locked (Push up to fasten it).




Pull the lock down and prepare to open the top cover.




Then, press the button to automatically open up the top cover




The shaft is installed with the spring, that's the reason why the top cover bounces off.




his is the front of bottle after you open it up. A gray rubber pad is placed on the interior top cover to hold up the water and maintain a good sealing. Next to the top cover button, you can see two long strip-shaped protrusions. They are the positioning marks when you rotate and make the top cover back to its original position.





It is the aerial view angle of the water outlet. Its appearance is a triangle-like shape. The silver item down there is the cartridge filter.




The top cover can be completely disassembled. You need only use one hand to hold the bottle well and turn it counterclockwise by the other hand to remove it.


The circled rubber pad has anti-leakage functions.




The cartridge filter is composed of silver non-woven fabric, calcium sulfite, and activated carbon.




It is a screw-in tenon design, easy to remove and install.


Via this photo, we can notice that the bottom of the water outlet is not large, which means that the hydrogen-rich water must pass through the filter and to be poured out.




The filter is for reducing the smell of chlorine and ozone so that we can have better taste. It won’t affect the concentration of hydrogen.


A new filter can be used for about 360 times. If it produces 6 times of hydrogen-rich water a day. It can support continuous use for two months.


When the use quota of filter remains about 40 times, The CARTRIDGE indicator will turn into a flickering green light, and it is to remind the user to prepare for replacement. Once the indicator light turns red, it won’t generate hydrogen-rich water anymore and the filter must be replaced and reset. (Spare filters can be purchased from Buder Company or authorized resellers).




Aerial view inside the bottle. The bottom center is the work indicator, surrounded by platinum electrodes (titanium-plated platinum) which is the world-class patent.


The machine will change into positive or negative voltage automatically every time you turn it on and off, and its automatic backwash is 1/50s during the generation process to reduce the chance of scaling. The benefits of these designs for the user are to extend the life of the electrode and to ensure long-term residual hydrogen stability.




In fact, the entire bottle is a three-section design, and the bottom can be disassembled by rotation.




The bottom is actually the core part of this product, it uses the principle of electrolysis to generate hydrogen-rich water. In addition to the electrodes outside, there are control circuits and rechargeable lithium batteries.


The middle bottle connects the top cover to the bottom of the generator, forming a complete container.




Hold the bottle, turn the electrolysis bottom clockwise and it can be dissembled. Turn counterclockwise if you want to assemble it.


Because the waterproof rubber gasket is in the middle, if you feel a bit tight, you can twist it by two hands.




Once it is completely assembled, you can check the water level through the transparent indicator in the middle of the bottle.


Size 68 * 81.5 * 240 (mm), weight 440g.





Part 3 - Cleaning Program of First Use


Since it is a drinking device, it’s better to clean it all before you use for the first time.


The cartridge filter, pre-installed in the bottle, is a new unused filter. We need to remove it and rinse it under the faucet until the water is clear and transparent. This process takes about 1 minute.




For the replacement, please also rinse first in the same way. After cleaning, connect the bottle to the USB power, press and hold the switch for 5 seconds to reset the filter counter. The indicator red light will return to the green and continue to generate hydrogen-rich water. For the whole new set of products, you only need to remove the filter and clean it. There is no need to reset it again.


Install the filter.




Clean the top cover completely.




Wash the middle of the bottle, this part can be washed thoroughly.




Waterproof rubber gasket area still has to be washed once with water.


The body of the electrolysis block can’t be soaked or splashed with water, basically it is better to wipe. Washing the rubber gasket with special care and don’t let the lower part of the thread splash into the water.




Combine the electrolysis block and pour some filtered or cold water in to rinse the whole bottle so both the middle and lower areas of the bottle can be paid attention to.




The water of the water dispenser is the most convenient choice, because it is already filtered and boiled and can be consumed directly.


Incidentally, this Buder Countertop Water Dispenser is the drinking center of my house for more than a year. You can use it to drink water or to make soup. The most importantly, it’s secured and convenient, and my entire family is quite satisfied! For unboxing & review, please refer to this article "Buder Countertop Water Dispenser BD-3019, you can count on it for your home drinking water! Ice, warm, hot and super convenient" (<= Click here, because the platform might automatically change, sometimes the bottom line would disappear, but it's still clickable)




Re-cover the top cover. Please pay attention to the positioning mark when combining.





Part 4 - Way of Charging 


Charging needs to get three things of the photo together, and they are all in the package.




Because the universal Micro-USB charging socket is used, the general powerbank can also be used together.




The switch button will illuminate red during charging, and the required charging time is 4 hours. The light will automatically turn off when the charging is complete.


After being fully charged, hydrogen-rich water can be generated for 20 times by the bottle itself. Based on the average drinking, 2 liters per day/ adult, it’s about 3 to 4 days to recharge (Accurately calculated, multiplied by 30 c.c. of water per kilogram of body weight).


It doesn’t matter if there is no power temporary, it supports the generation of hydrogen-rich water while charging!!





Part 5 - Generating the SHUI-SU Water (Hydrogen-rich water) 


First, pour the drinking water into the bottle and there are 5 noticed points:

(1) Do not exceed the difference of height in the bottle, as shown in the photo, this is about 350 ml. It is also possible to observe the appropriate water level through the transparent indicator of the bottle.

(2) The temperature of the water shouldn’t exceed 50 °C, so the boiled water needs to be cooled down first. Hot water that exceeds temperature may cause damage, such as deformation, leakage or malfunction.

(3) Drinking water can come from water dispensers, cooler boiled water or bottled water.

(4) Do not use liquids other than water, such as drinks or soups are inappropriate.

(5) If hydrogen-rich water has been produced, it is not recommended to repeat it again.




Cover the top and place the bottle on a stable table.




The power switch is a two-stage design, preventing accidental touch.


Press and hold the power button for 0.5 seconds, as shown in the photo, it will turn blue.




Meanwhile, the filter indicator will also light up, and the constant green light means that everything goes well.


Press the switch once and it will turn white, which means that the production of hydrogen-rich water is in process




From the transparent indicator, it can be seen that a large number of tiny bubbles are rising, and hydrogen is electrolyzed and dissolved into the water, which is a normal phenomenon when hydrogen-rich water is produced.




There is a LED in the center-bottom of the bottle.


We can observe that bubbles will be generated from the electrodes for a total of 10 bubble groups. 




After the electrolysis process is complete, the power light will automatically turn off, and the whole process takes about 3 minutes. The produced water contains a hydrogen concentration of 0.8-1 ppm: it is 20% to 30% more than other products on the market.


A large amount of meticulous bubbles can be observed when you pour out the hydrogen-rich water.




The feature of hydrogen-rich water is that the hydrogen content will slowly dissipate into the air, so you need to drink it quickly.


However, this product of Buder can preserve 0.882 ppm after 1 minute of production. Even if you put it for 5 minutes, it still has 0.68 ppm remaining in the water so you don't need to rush when you drink it.




The carrying bag can conveniently take away the bottle, charger and cable so you can drink hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere.





Reviews after Experience 


Buder is an expert in water. It not only sells water filters, water dispensers... but also SHUI-SU water or hydrogen-rich water machines. The SHUI-SU water machine that was previously promoted is mainly based on the kitchen or the table type, it can produce large output but less maneuverability. The new product, which is co-operated with Maxell in Japan, is relatively lower priced and aims at people who want to easily produce hydrogen-rich water everywhere and drink it at any time. The advantages are as follows:


(1)Suitable for one person use, high mobility.

(2)350 ml at a time, just right for one time drinking.

(3)Exclusive world-class patent from Japanese invention, long product life and high stability.

(4) High efficiency electrolysis with high hydrogen concentration.

(5)Rechargeable and easy to carry, you can use mobile power and can also produce hydrogen-rich water during charging.

(6)Composite three-section bottle for easy cleaning. 


If you already have the habit of drinking hydrogen-rich water at home and expect to drink it easier, this Buder HI-TA13 portable SHUI-SU water generator will be your best choice. If you haven't tried hydrogen-rich water yet, it's also an ideal choice. Under Buder and Japan's Maxell double-brand blessing, you will have a good experience drinking hydrogen-rich water for the first time!

HI-TA13 Buder Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle